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  2. Low Power - SSPB (BUC) and SSPA

    Available in __ C __ X __ Ku ___ Band,
    --- GaAs and GaN ---



    Ku-Band 8-250W BUC (download pdf file)
    Ku-Band 25-250W SSPA (download pdf file)
    C-Band 10-500W BUC (download pdf file)
    C-Band 10-500W SSPA (download pdf file)
    X-Band 10-500W BUC (download pdf file)


    Ku-Band GaN 40-500W BUC (download pdf file)
    Ku-Band GaN 40-500W SSPA (download pdf file)
    C-Band GaN 100-1000W BUC (download pdf file)
    C-Band GaN 100-1000W SSPA (download pdf file)
    X-Band GaN 10-1000W BUC (download pdf file)

    The new generation of ALGA low power SSPB (BUC) and SSPA

    An ideal solution for both mobile and fixed Communication terminals.
    It is designed for high efficiency resulting in an optimal compact form factor with high performance and reliability.
    With the advanced customer interface and HTTP embedded web page, the operator is able to monitor and control the BUC in stand alone or redundant configuration.

    ♦   DUAL LO = same unit covers both standard and extended KU-Band
    ♦   Extremely compact size
    ♦   1:1 switching logic built into the BUC eliminating expensive external controller
    ♦   Built-in Telemetry facilities for critical parameters such as: RF power detection, mute control, over temperature shutdown, summary alarm
    ♦   WEB interface and SNMP monitoring
    ♦   RS 485, RS232, Ethernet and dry-contacts M&C Interface